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Touristic information

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The capital of Uruguay, Montevideo offers with height, all the tourist services, sceneries, coasts and beaches, culture, gastronomy...

Montevideo offers him the whole diversity of stages and services for a few unforgettable holidays.
The town-planning multiplicity, the history reflected in his architecture, his coasts and natural sceneries; the culture, the hospitality of the people and his finished infrastructure in services, are determinant essentials for his election.

The geographical place of this Latin-American capital, particularly in the Mercosur, extends his borders and extends his attraction.

The capital of the Uruguay is placed on the banks of the River Plate, to 34, 5 grades of South Latitude and 56 grades of Longitude west.

It possesses a surface of 530 square kilometers (approximately 60 % is a rural area and the remainder 40 % urbanized area or potentially urbanizable) and a population of 1.330.405 inhabitants.

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It is the youngest capital of Latin America, it was founded between the year 1724 and 1730 by the Governor of Buenos Aires, Don Bruno Mauricio de Zabala.

For his cattle wealth and his unbeatable geographical situation, it grew like city - port up to turning in the capital of the Oriental Republic of the Uruguay.

It is a contemporary metropolis that agglutinates a high proportion of the economic activity, the commercial exchange, the services, the banking and the tourism in the country.

It possesses the best natural port of the south of America. Inside the area amanzanada of Montevideo there are 2.600 hectares of green spaces, of which 900 are transferred to institutions that offer services and benefit the community.

More than 150.000 trees populate the streets and avenues, along which more than 300.000 vehicles circulate every day. It is a city at acceptable environmental quality levels, with contamination foci controlables and with a population who has a high educational and cultural level.

Montevideo is located in a neuralgic point of the geography of the Mercosur, which geopolitical relevancy can the bridge turns increased moreover, in case there are realized really important works of regional interconnection, like the urban motorway Santiago-Buenos Aires-San Pablo, Cologne - Buenos Aires on the River Plate and the waterway Parana - Paraguay.

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Cologne is an Uruguayan department that is placed in the south-west of the country, on the coast where there end the rivers Parana and Uruguay.

Colonia, Colonia, capital
Punta del Este Air view from Península in Punta del Este.

Punta del Este

Located in the southeast end of the country, to the southeast of the department of Maldonado and to 7 km from the cardinal city (Maldonado).

Punta del Este, Península


It is an attractive city that preserves the features typical of the colonial epoch.

Punta del Este, Maldonado, Capital
Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento

Cologne of the Sacramento, colonial beauty of Uruguay. Historical patrimony of the Humanity.

Colonia, Colonia del Sacramento
Colonia Valdense

Colonia Valdense

Cologne Valdense, it is an Uruguayan city located in the department of Cologne.

Colonia, Colonia Valdense
Juan Lacaze

Juan Lacaze

Juan L. Lacaze is a city of the department of Cologne, Uruguay.

Colonia, Juan Lacaze

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