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Touristic information

Touristic information

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La Pedrera

It is the most green and luminous spa of Rocha.

228 of route 10 is located in the kilometer. Placed on the rocky Fair-haired top, he acquires his appearance of big balcony to the sea that characterizes it, and provides to his visitors seen panoramic removedoras, from his picturesque boulevard.

His coloring constructions splashed in the hillsides of the small wooded cliff, seem to express so many luminosity as that of his golden sand.

The Rocks possess 600.000.000 years of antiquity, present interesting "baroque" designs provoked by the erosion.

To The Stone quarry it was known formerly like Fair-haired Top, since the ancient sailors, on having discerned from the sea the color of his sand, named him.

His shipwrecks histories go from the XVIIIth century until our days loaded with legends, and have like witness the remains of the Catai in the south desplayado.

Nowadays it is characterized for being a small, calm and exclusive spa leaned along a rocky drawstring on the Atlantic Ocean, forming a cliff that describes it as a beautiful balcony to the sea.
To visualize from there the dawns and the full moon reflected in the Ocean provides a spectacle that will always astonish us.

If we look at the sea from July until November, we will be surprised on having seen the Frank whales, in his passage from the south towards other latitudes.

His excellent considered beaches of the best in the country, they invite to the bath and to the recreation. Also they offer to us unbeatable conditions for the practice of the Surfing.

In his infrastructure The Stone quarry tells with magnificent offer of hotel trade, huts and houses of rent, casino to 12 Kmts of The Pigeon, medical service and sale of crafts.

Also it is provided with advisable restaurants, where the hospitality of his people gets together with the exquisiteness of his handmade plates between what they stand out prepared with the fruits of the sea.

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The capital of Uruguay, Montevideo offers with height, all the tourist services, sceneries, coasts and beaches, culture, gastronomy...

Montevideo, Montevideo, capital


Cologne is an Uruguayan department that is placed in the south-west of the country, on the coast where there end the rivers Parana and Uruguay.

Colonia, Colonia, capital
Punta del Este Air view from Península in Punta del Este.

Punta del Este

Located in the southeast end of the country, to the southeast of the department of Maldonado and to 7 km from the cardinal city (Maldonado).

Punta del Este, Península


It is an attractive city that preserves the features typical of the colonial epoch.

Punta del Este, Maldonado, Capital
Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento

Cologne of the Sacramento, colonial beauty of Uruguay. Historical patrimony of the Humanity.

Colonia, Colonia del Sacramento
Colonia Valdense

Colonia Valdense

Cologne Valdense, it is an Uruguayan city located in the department of Cologne.

Colonia, Colonia Valdense

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