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Economy of Uruguay

Economic information of Uruguay, production, agriculture, mineral and energy resources, cattle, forest development.

Uruguay is a country Agroexportador, for which the agriculture (rice, wheat, corn, sunflower, linen, soya, sugar beet, sugar-cane) and the cattle (bovine, sheep) are the fundamental resources of the economy.
The principal industries are the dairymaid and derivatives, role, pasteboard, fertilizers, tar, I cement and hydrocarbons refinement.

The mineral and energy resources although they are scarce; big Agate deposits exist in the north of the country, as of granite, marmól, and the golden extraction in the locality of Mines of Corrals.

Also there are in study the diamond search and other minerals.
He emphasizes also the sector of services (financiers, logistics, transport, communications) as well as the strong industry of the information technologies, in particular the development of software and linked services.

In the last years there has become more important the forest development of Eucaliptus grandis and Eucaliptus globulus, with sight to the production of serrated wood and wood for the cellulose production.
Also, there are in construction a plant of the Finnish company Botnia and other one of the Spaniard ENCE, as well as others in the project state.

Other of the principal economic income to the country is the tourism: the nation is provided with a coastal line on the River Plate and the Atlantic Ocean splashed with spas, between which they stand out Top of the East and Piriápolis, of international reputation.

The agricultural, historical and thermal tourism also has importance.

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